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Me playing Richie Kotzen’s solo from the song ‘Don’t Ask’. Tell me what you think!


Andy James – Musikmesse 2014:

Ohh…have I got a treat for you tonight or what? I just finished figuring out Elevate’s main riff. Took me a while, but here it is. Tempo probably isn’t accurate and I didn’t know how to write the tapping part correctly in terms of rhythm. Sorry for that:( However the notes are 99% accurate. So if there’s anyone out there who can correct me – please do. I did my best. I wish you all the best. Cheers good people and keep on rockin’!!!

* Spent more time with the song and realised I tabbed the tapping section wrong. To my ear the section is now 100% correct in terms of notes and rhythm. Sorry you guys. Enjoy!

elevate correct


Ibanez Guitar Festival…now that was something. Three days with great musicians, awesome people, loads of gear and much more. Enjoy an interview I did with Paul Gilbert on his guitar, playing and teaching. For those of you who are interested I can post more info on the event. Enjoy!

As we are on the topic of The Winery Dogs I give you a tab for the intro of the song ‘ I’m No Angel’. Enjoy learning the part as it is awesome and shows Kotzen’s skills and approach towards the instrument. Interestingly he plays all his parts in the band only with his fingers! And still gets the amazing tone:) Cheers!

no angel pdf

Well folks, we should all cherish this new musical creation that is the Winery Dogs. A band that consists of one of my favourite guitar players – Richie Kotzen – on guitar and vocals, his friend from Mr. Big on the bass – Billy Sheehan, and a well known drummer from Dream Theater – Mike Portnoy. As Portnoy said “Richie Kotzen is such an unbelievable talent, as a vocalist, guitarist and songwriter. I think THE WINERY DOGS will finally get him the attention and recognition that he so richly deserves.” I must say that I also truly hope that this will be the case. Richie deserves recognition and respect for his magnificent work.

The band has already released an album that blows your mind! Additionally they have released three videos to go with that. Take time and listen to the songs. Trust me, you will not be able to stop listening to it! Buy the album and support the band because they deserve it! Ladies and gents, I give to you the Winery Dogs.